Sergei S. Rublëv (ssr) wrote,
Sergei S. Rublëv

Biggest & the Best

Я долго удерживался от цитирования текстов коллектива Clawfinger. И всё-таки процитирую. Потому что вообще-то, как я всегда говорил, тексты этого коллектива - это, блядь, Книга Жизни. Очень, знаете ли, мудрые тексты.

Nobody is perfect but I'm pretty fucking close
and I'm here to give you all a heavy heavenly dose
I think you'd better listen 'cos I know who you are
and I think that you should treat me like a superstar

because I'm more than just a human I'm a gift to all of you
and I'm here to make sure that my message gets through
I wonder if you're really all as dumb as you look
or are you smart enough to learn the rules in my book
I hope you understand that the knowledge I bring
puts me in the position of a god or a king
'cos I'm blessed with the gift of the magic touch
and I wouldn't say that I'm asking for to much
all you have to do is get down on your knees and pray
and I promise you the remedy is on its way
but you can never be like me so don't waste your time
because I reign supreme and my position is divine

What's wrong with being self possessed?
Nobody's satisfied with being second best
I've got the gift and I know that I'm blessed
and I've got to get it off my chest

I'm the biggest the best better than the rest, better than the rest
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