Sergei S. Rublëv (ssr) wrote,
Sergei S. Rublëv

А вот что я ещё нашёл разгребая старую почту

From: (LiveJournal)
Subject: Welcome to LiveJournal!
Message-Id: <>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 16:39:02 -0800 (PST)

Congratulations, you have a new LiveJournal account!

To complete your journal creation and verify your email address, go


The URL that your new journal is located at is:

and also:

Below is your LiveJournal username and password:

Username: ssr

You can go to to access your account, create
new journal entries, and modify your journal options, but we recommend
downloading the free LiveJournal client software. It is the easiest way
to update your LiveJournal! Get it at:

Getting started on LiveJournal can be difficult when you don't know
anyone. Visit for smart, helpful advice...
with a little luck, you'll be a LiveJournal pro in no time!

LiveJournal is a great place. We're not only free, but we're completely
banner ad free! We support open source software, and release all of our
software under open source licenses. LiveJournal is run by over 100
volunteers, and the cost of running LiveJournal (several thousand dollars
a month for servers, co-location, and bandwidth) is supported by its

Membership at LiveJournal has its advantages such as more customization,
a email address, a special web address,
and higher limits on various things, like the number of user pictures.
We are also creating other great features exclusive to LiveJournal
members in the near future.

Do you have to be a member to use LiveJournal? Absolutely not! Nearly
all of the LiveJournal functionality is available for free. Our general idea
is to make everything free, but enhance it slightly for paid users.

If you grow to love your LiveJournal, a membership is a great way to show
you appreciate what we do. There are membership levels as inexpensive as
$5 for two months, all the way up to $25 for a year. To become a member,
please visit: .

We hope you appreciate LiveJournal as much as we appreciate bringing it to
you! If you have ANY questions regarding how to use LiveJournal, please
visit the support area at:

There you'll find answers to almost any question you could ask about

Our goal is to make LiveJournal totally rock... if we can do anything to
make it easier, more powerful, more customizable, whatever... let us know.
We're not running the site to make money. We're not a dot-com company
funded by venture-capital hoping to go IPO ... this site is run by all the
people that use it. Let us know what you want out of it.

Enjoy! Team
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