Sergei S. Rublëv (ssr) wrote,
Sergei S. Rublëv

Ещё немного краудсорсинга: Automounting USB HDD in GNOME and KDE differs in 12.10

Задал на форуме сабж никто пока не отвечает, может здесь кто скажет? Суть вопроса:

I have an external HDD connected to PC's USB which is connected permanently. I want to use it as a regular permanent drive when I log in both into KDE and GNOME (or rather MATE) in 12.10 (for torrents, music etc).

But KDE mounts it as /media/Expansion Drive/
and GNOME (MATE) as /media/%username%/Expansion Drive/

So that it's different every time and same torrent clients and media players can't handle the files simultaneously. Please help me to mount it at the same mount point each time. When I try to include this in fstab it conflicts with automount.

Update: not GNOME but UNITY!!! So sorry!!!

В OpenSUSE, кстати, такое подозрение, что та же история, но я пока не проверял толком.

update: ответ найден, по ссылке.
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