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Нефтяники в Сибири горбатились-горбатились

Chelsea football club is to be bought by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich

По-моему, дальше уже некуда. Хотя жизнь всё время не устаёт доказывать нам обратное.

It may be a difficult name to chant, but if Roman Abramovich can divert just a fraction of his wealth into the running of Chelsea football club he may well become the fans' new favourite.

Update: кстати, совсем недавно читал следующий текст: A senior aide for Prince Charles is quoted in the British newspaper The Daily Mail as saying the heir is "not extravagant in the slightest." "If a rich man makes lots of money he gets racehorses, buys a flashy car, yacht and villa. He buys a football club and he has a string of young and delightful girls," he added. "The prince of Wales doesn't have any of these things."
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