Sergei S. Rublëv (ssr) wrote,
Sergei S. Rublëv

Британская информационная компания BBC о ебстической программе "За склом"

Russian 'Big Brother' bares all

...In the first week of the show, a young man, Sacha, joined Margo in the shower to soap her back. Sasha's fiancйe Macha subsequently broke off their engagement on a talk show on the grounds that he had publicly humiliated her...

...Advertisers are keen to get slots around the show and even the independent and respected radio station Ekho Moskvy is carrying tapes from the flat...

Russia is watching Big Brother

...The top prize for the last person to be eliminated will be a flat worth about 1,200,000 roubles (Ј27,500)...

...For those unable to endure their confinement, escape will prove costly, however - anyone wishing to quit the show will be forced to pay a fine...
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