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Как широко известно, моя любимая музыкальная группа - m people (ныне разукомплектованная). У неё гениальная не только музыка, но и тексты. Сегодня буду цитировать:

"what’s it all about, I hear the global shout.
Blind man draws the tribal line
And it all seems such a waste of time.
Stars and spies, thug in ties.
Power man refuels the line.
Talk of nonsense, such a waste.
The whole wide world has got bad taste."


The world is cold and times are bad.
Everytime I think about it, it makes me sad.
War and drugs are everywhere
And it’s getting so hard to breathe the air.
But it doesn’t have to be like this,
All the rancour and bitterness.
If we can just open our eyes
We can make this world a paradise

We’ll live as one family in perfect harmony.
If we all pull together we will all be free.


Песня про Ништяк:

Gather round people I just dreamt of this song
about all the World gettin` along.
Human rights, no shallow graves
politician`s speak the truth, no one`s got Aids.
I look at a Muslim embracing a Jew
everyone`s eating everyone`s food.
Free from diseases, ain`t no Third World
love is the message, love is the word.

This is my island (island),
my fantasy (my fantasy),
my fantasy (fantasy).

There`s a welcome mat at the centre of the earth.
No sign of hate, a four-letter word.
The children are playing in air you can breathe
people got dreams, people achieve.
Everywhere`s music, sunshine and laughter
we still feel the same the morning after
words in the air, love in the heart.
This is my dream, a brand new start

Ссылка: мой пост про другие меткие lyrics. Кстати, творчество упоминаемого там коллектива я ещё потом поцитирую, там много интересного.
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