Sergei S. Rublëv (ssr) wrote,
Sergei S. Rublëv

Товарищи, так нельзя

Мемориальный текст памяти Обороны Апача. Нижеследующие призывы более недействительны в связи с тем, что Апача нам вернули.

Апача (apazhe) засуспендили. Верните Апача.

Dear LJ Abuse team! I want to raise my concern regarding recent suspension of the "apazhe" LJ. I personally follow his Journal for a number of months and I could never identify any abusing or offending texts in his Journal. True, some of his texts were very open and expressive, but no more then that. Those who asked you to suspend his Journal are probably mislead by his specific humor and deep Russian culture based content. Again, me and many other LJ users may testify that none of his posts were in fact offensive or politically incorrect. His LJ was in fact vary popular in fast growing Russian segment of the LJ. Therefore, I ask you to unsuspend "apazhe" Journal. If you are interested in any details please contact me or LJ user "rms1". Please notice that a number of Russian users are concerned with your recent action and created specific community "free_apazhe" to defend user Apazhe. All those users can confirm that his posts were never offensive or abusing. Again, we would like to discuss your reasons for the decision to suspend Apazhe Journal. As any member of LJ he could be in some moments not reserved and not calm enough, but that would be true for almost any LJ member.

Thank you in advance.

С целью привлечения внимания администрации ЖЖ, а равно ЖЖ-общественности к данной проблеме предлагалось вышеприведённый текст отправить в Abuse Team с помощью запроса в службу поддержки ЖЖ - - "Problem Area" - выбрать "Abuse". Или же электронной почтой по адресу

Сторонникам Апача предлагалось также записаться в комьюнити free_apazhe -

Массовость поддержки, как предполагается, могла послужить дополнительным аргументом в пользу Апача в рамках его переписки с Abuse Team.

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