Sergei S. Rublëv (ssr) wrote,
Sergei S. Rublëv

Ещё раз, для товарищей любителей искать еврейский заговор и РЛО:

LiveJournal won't become paid-user-only or anything crazy like that. We're not going to raise prices. We're not going to cancel permanent accounts, etc, etc. And we're not going to spam or sell your information. You own your journals, not us. Really you shouldn't see any negative changes.

The most immediate changes will be that we'll start to get prettier... more styles, themes, etc. Six Apart is really good at that and we're not

Это из заявления начальства. В конце концов, дайте человеку I love technology and designing the LiveJournal architecture but I hate running a business.

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